Physical Specifications Part loading capabilities 

X,Y axis max speed:      2,000ipm(50.8m/m)
Z axis max speed:           2,000ipm(50.8m/m)
Travel:                   To customer specification  
Max. component weight:                   200 lbs.
Positioning accuracy:                      .005 inch
Repeatable:                                    .002 inch
Rotary positioning                      360 degrees


The First truly affordable and versatile robotic system on the market. Priced at $35,000 for a complete 4 axis servo system as displayed at I.M.T.S. 2002.


The robot/machine interface is accomplished by a series of optional M-codes or direct control of the host machineís cycle start circuit and clamping circuits.  The interface is simple and easily accomplished with various machine control systems. 


The VERSA-BOT has a PC based control, with an easy to use graphical interface.  Programming is fast and simple with pre-defined loading sequences.  A  G-code interface is also available for motions outside the predefined paths.  Use the robotís PC to store, download, and edit programs for both the robot and its host machine.  The control is ready to be connected to an existing network, allowing seamless information passage between the shop floor and administrative centers.



Load single or twin spindle lathes.  One gantry system is capable of spanning two or more lathes creating a cell, linking several machines and sharing the cost of VERSA-BOT.  Parts can be loaded, unloaded and various secondary operations can be performed with any number of attachments.  Automate the inspection process by transferring the piece-part to an inspection stage, CMM, or vision system. 


The loading capabilities are much the same for mills.  In addition to simply loading the table of a mill, VERSA-BOT can load the off line pallet of a Shuttle Pallet mill. 

Spindle length bar loader

By adding a bar holding rack and a pusher designed to work with the gripping arm, you have a spindle length bar loader and a part loader in one system. 

Non-machining applications 


The VERSA-BOT can be used in any number of assembly routines.  Load parts and assemble at the same station.  We will work with our customers to design any custom application. 

Pallet work

Use the VERSA-BOT to stack/unload pallets, pick and place parts or any other high volume materials handling project.